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About Avi Rappoport

Avi Rappoport is a leading authority on Enterprise Search Engines for web sites, intranets and topical portals. She combines research in information retrieval with years in the software industry to bring a practical and straightforward approach to web search and navigation issues. She evaluates search engines for features, functionality and usability, with an emphasis on find the best way to meet end-user needs.

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Avi has been analyzing enterprise search engines and providing search consulting since 1998. She consults in every stage of search engine analysis, from problem-definition through product choice, implementation, usability testing, to long-term maintenance and log analysis. In addition to consulting, she is active in information architecture, usability and information retrieval organizations and advises students from the Berkeley School of Information Management and Studies.

Site/Enterprise Needs Analysis and Search Implementations

Industry Clients: white papers and analysis

See bibliography for over thirty five conference presentations, articles and technical documents since 1998

Previous Software Industry Experience

Product Manager for StarNine (bought by 4D Inc): responsible for development and release of web design tool; list server; email client, server and gateway packages. Documented and tested the WebSTAR web server.

Publications Coordinator for Metrowerks (bought by Motorola) : directing a team documenting compilers, editors, debuggers, libraries and other development tools, as both user guides and reference manuals. Published in several formats of online and printed documentation.

Software Development and Support for Niles Software (now part of ISIResearchSoft) designed, managed, coded, documented and supported the EndNote bibliography program.


University of California, Berkeley, School of Library and Information Studies, Master of Arts, December 1987. (University Fellowship, 1986.) Member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, 1999.

University of California, Berkeley, School of Letters and Sciences, B.A. in Medieval Studies (Individual Major), with Honors, December 1985.

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