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Knowledge Management

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Information Sources

Knowledge Management World (KMWorld) Magazine

CIO Magazine - Knowledge Management Research Center
Intelligent Knowledge Management site (part of Intelligent Enterprise magazine).
Interesting analyses of knowledge-management and related topics.
JOHO - The Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization
Commentary with a critical perspective on the Web's effect on organizations, including Knowledge Management.
Open Directory Knowledge Management Listings
Gilbane Report
Newsletter and subscriber reports on Content Management and Information Technologies
Knowledge Access - MIT Project Oxygen
Research projects at the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab present innovative approaches to personalized, collaborative and communal knowledge access. Starts from the individual and works out, rather than the traditional KM approach of storing en masse. Aspects include how the storing and representing data as objects and arcs of related objects, automated ways of acquiring and accessing data, human annotation, user pattern recognition and other interactions. Current projects include a natural-language question answering system, a personal information manager and work with the W3C's Semantic Web project.


Splitting Hair in the Knowledge Age KMWorld Enterprise Knowledge Management White Paper, November/December 2005 by Andy Moore (registration required) new
Realistic overview of the state of knowledge management, with clear explanations of its limits as well as benefits. Critical truths by the publisher of KMWorld Magazine.
Cutting Edge of Knowledge Management Software c|net Enterprise Business, mid-2001 by the Hurwit Group
New trends include automatic information categorization (see our report on classification technology) and "people-centric collaboration".
Fighting Information Overload: Knowledge management software helps you find the most relevant, most useful data. CFO; March 2001 by Alix Nyberg
Describes innovative KM project at Ericsson based on "communities of practice" and a searchable answer database from Organik. Quotes John Seely Brown on how technology should follow, rather than lead, practice. Covers various projects designed to improve search engines such as Groupfire, Inxight and ClearForest. Mentions UIE research that indicates actual page download speed is less important than site organization.
Search, Scan and Serve: Newly upgraded document management programs help you better use and store information PC Magazine, February 5, 1999 by David Haskin
Describes how ISYS:image, Recollect Enterprise Courier and ZyImage products work with scanners to convert paper documents to digital form and search the results.
New Bits for Drilling Tools PCWeek Online, February 1, 1999 by John S. Mccright
Information on new software from PC Docs/Fulcrum, Lotus and Powerize.
Document Management System Search Techniques: the More, the Merrier Archive Planning, v.2, n.6 1998 by Steve Gilheany
Describes the search requirements for document and knowledge management systems.
Why no one wants knowledge management Computerworld, December 7, 1998 by Michael Schrage
Looking over the last few years, the author argues that knowledge management is a technology looking for a market, while corporations expect their managers to just do it. Apparently, corporations don't feel that the benefits of knowledge management will repay the investment.
Microsoft scrambles for knowledge-management solution InfoWorld Electric, Nov 20, 1998 , by Cara Cunningham and Bob Trott
Microsoft, recognizing the market for knowledge management, does not have a turnkey system at this time. It is combining standard BackOffice software with third-party products for an integrated solution, for example, adding Lotus Notes database access features to SiteSearch. The new Microsoft Knowledge Management group expects to have a plan next year.
Lotus moves to converge knowledge management and collaborative computing PC Week Online, June 23, 1998 by Christy Walker
Describes the Lotus plan to add searching (Domino Extended Search), data mining, middleware "preference engine" for customizing search results, and updated conferencing and discussion tools. Lotus will be integrating their acquisitions: DataBeam Conference Server and Ubique VirtualPlaces, into Notes and working with business partners for additional knowledge management features.
Knowledge Management: Great Concept... But What Is It? -- InformationWeek Labs and Doculabs examine five products that try to help companies turn an abstraction into a reality March 16, 1998, TechWeb News, by Jeff Angus of InformationWeek Labs, and Jeetu Patel and Jennifer Harty of Doculabs
Good, thoughtful and critical overview of the concepts and tools of knowledge management. Reviews of Wincite 5.0, Intraspect 1.5 (which includes the Verity search engine), ChannelManager 2.0 (beta), BackWeb 4.0, KnowledgeX 1.0.
Knowledge Management' Packages Focus on Search Tools (IntranetWorld, March 2, 1998, by Judy DeMocker)
Describes how several software packages are analyzing individual search patterns to better locate and display results. Mentions packages from Autonomy, Magic Solutions and OpenText.
Knowledge Management: Ready For Action Sm@art Reseller Online, February 13, 1998, by John More.
Industry analysis of the opportunities in the reseller market for knowledge management solutions. Mentions specific companies, with quotes from some of their executives.
Getting the most from data PC Week, February 23, 1998 by Christy Walker and Jim Kerstetter.
Describes the knowledge management systems, including search engines. Mentions BRS/Search (Dataware), Autonomy and Intraspect

Knowledge Management -- Knowing What We Know InformationWeek, October 20, 1997 by Justin Hibbard
Excellent overview of how companies hope to use knowledge management to tap the collective understanding of employees, in order to improve business innovation. Includes definitions, background information, a skeptical alternative viewpoint from the Gartner Group, along with industry information and surveys. Sidebar gives seven steps to implementing knowledge management (from Anderson Consulting). Describes use of these tools and approaches at Columbia/HCA, Answerthink Consulting Group, Dow Chemical, Amoco, Monsanto 

Knowledge Management Tools

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