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problems Not compatible with new systems   * It really needs its own machine to run well, if you have more than 5,000 pages you want to index. We're having to buy a dedicated search server now because its slowing down the web site.
* Even though it uses a web interface for configuration, it is very difficult to configure, and the documentation is very poor.
features It [just] worked. * Simple to set up and reasonably fast.
* Easy to use/setup. Rock solid. Searches VERY fast
- Very easy to set up and manage. Very easy to set up several search indexes
* Allows you to create agents which email you when new material in your interest area has been posted to the site.
* Once it is setup, you can forget about it. The speed of the query results is very fast. The only one I know of
that is a true "robot".
suggestions   * Better documentation and better configuration user interface. * Better documentation. Logging of META Keyword tags
comments   * At first sight iHound looks somewhat inflexible. However with a little
digging and experimentation it's output can be customized, particularly
when used in conjunction with other applications like NetCloak and
* Best $150 I ever spent on web software
* Supports Greek already, Russian being paid for by a customer. Looking forward to PDF and extended foreign language support.
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