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SearchTools Survey - October 2000

Languages On Sites

Most of the sites (almost 650) had at least some English pages: perhaps if we translated the survey, we would have a different proportion. Our language chart does not include sites with English-language pages, of which 39% have a search engine. We found many sites, (31%), are publishing with at least some pages languages other than English, which continues a trend from our previous survey. As you can see below, most of them have search engines installed. See also our report on multilingual sites and searching.

Within the growing list of languages, the only significant difference among them may have been the Japanese entries, where 81% of the sites report having installed search engines. The numbers of sites publishing in Unicode (the new standard encoding system) has continued to rise slowly, and we hope to see more next year.

language without search with search
English 394 248
French 32 39
Spanish 24 28
German 23 26
Unicode 9 12
Japanese 3 13
Danish * 3 10
Dutch 7 4
Chinese 5 5
Italian 7 2
Russian 4 4
Swedish 2 2
Finnish 2 2
Hebrew 0 3
Norwegian 2 1
Estonian 1 1
Welsh 2 0
Yiddish 0 1
Thai 0 1
Yiddish 0 1
Portuguese 1 0
Arabic 1 0
Latin 1 0
Romanian 1 0
Turkish 1 0
Hungarian 1 0
Pilipino 1 0
* A number of Danish MondoSearch customers were encouraged to take the survey.
October 2000 Survey Results

Sites & Search
 - Why Install
 - Why Not Installed
 - Site Sizes
 - Update Rate
 - Server Location
 - Languages
 - Multilingual Sites
 - File Formats
 - Summary
 - Popular
 - Custom
 - Others


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