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SearchTools Survey - October 2000

Reasons Why Search is Not Installed

61% (437) site managers had not installed a search engine, about the same as our previous surveys. When explaining why not, most web site administrators said that they didn't do so because they didn't have time. This proportion has not changed very much from last year, though a smaller percentage said that it is too complex to add search (19.1% down to 15.7%) or they didn't see the need (6.7% down to 4.2%). Cost is becoming a great consideration: only 5.6% cited it as a problem last year, while 7.7% do so this year.

In addition to our earlier standard categories, many people chose say that they have a new site and plan to add search as part of the site design. Search engine quality is also becoming a consideration, with several people noting that they are searching for a good engine, or complaining about problems with a previous search engine.


Reasons NOT to implement search   
Haven't had time 234
Too complex to add 86
Cost is too high 42
New site 38
Can't use CGI on our system 33
Not enough content to justify 31
Don't see any need 23
Don't know how 19
Database is searchable 16
Looking for a good one 15
Other 10

Had a bad one 4
Have a partial search 1
Need a special one 1
Need to search pages as well as PDF 1
Searching HTML files on a CD 1
Still at design stage 1
need to index by HTTP requests, not file crawls 1

October 2000 Survey Results

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