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Testing Extended Characters

Simple Examples

List of Named Character Entities in HTML 4.0

from W3C's Named character entities in HTML 4.0

description code example
no-break space nbsp  stest
inverted exclamation mark iexcl ¡stest
cent sign cent ¢stest
pound sterling sign pound £stest
general currency sign curren ¤stest
yen sign yen ¥stest
broken (vertical) bar brvbar ¦stest
section sign sect §stest
quotation mark quot "stest
ampersand amp &stest
less-than sign lt <stest
greater-than sign gt >stest
umlaut (dieresis) uml ¨stest
copyright sign copy ©stest
ordinal indicator, feminine ordf ªstest
angle quotation mark, left laquo «stest
not sign not ¬stest
soft hyphen shy should appear at the endofaline­stest
registered sign reg ®stest
macron macr ¯stest
degree sign deg °stest
plus-or-minus sign plusmn ±stest
superscript two sup2 ²stest
superscript three sup3 ³stest
acute accent acute ´stest
micro sign micro µstest
pilcrow (paragraph sign) para ¶stest
middle dot middot ·stest
cedilla cedil ¸stest
superscript one sup1 ¹stest
ordinal indicator, masculine ordm ºstest
angle quotation mark, right raquo »stest
fraction one-quarter frac14 ¼stest
fraction one-half frac12 ½stest
fraction three-quarters frac34 ¾stest
inverted question mark iquest ¿stest
  Capitals have the same codes as lowercase letters
capital a, grave accent agrave àstest
capital a, acute accent aacute ástest
capital a, circumflex accent acirc âstest
capital a, tilde atilde ãstest
capital a, dieresis or umlaut mark auml ästest
capital a, ring aring åstest
capital ae diphthong (ligature) aelig æstest
capital c, cedilla ccedil çstest
capital e, grave accent egrave èstest
capital e, acute accent eacute éstest
capital e, circumflex accent ecirc êstest
capital e, dieresis or umlaut mark euml ëstest
capital i, grave accent igrave ìstest
capital i, acute accent iacute ístest
capital i, circumflex accent icirc îstest
capital i, dieresis or umlaut mark iuml ïstest
capital eth, icelandic eth ðstest
capital n, tilde ntilde ñstest
capital o, grave accent ograve òstest
capital o, acute accent oacute óstest
capital o, circumflex accent ocirc ôstest
capital o, tilde otilde õstest
capital o, dieresis or umlaut mark ouml östest
multiply sign times ×stest
capital o, slash oslash østest
capital u, grave accent ugrave ùstest
capital u, acute accent uacute ústest
capital u, circumflex accent ucirc ûstest
capital u, dieresis or umlaut mark uuml üstest
capital y, acute accent yacute ýstest
capital thorn, icelandic thorn þstest
small sharp s, german (sz ligature) szlig ßstest
small a, grave accent agrave àstest
small a, acute accent aacute ástest
small a, circumflex accent acirc âstest
small a, tilde atilde ãstest
small a, dieresis or umlaut mark auml ästest
small a, ring aring åstest
small ae diphthong (ligature) aelig æstest
small c, cedilla ccedil çstest
small e, grave accent egrave èstest
small e, acute accent eacute éstest
small e, circumflex accent ecirc êstest
small e, dieresis or umlaut mark euml ëstest
small i, grave accent igrave ìstest
small i, acute accent iacute ístest
small i, circumflex accent icirc îstest
small i, dieresis or umlaut mark iuml ïstest
small eth, icelandic eth ðstest
small n, tilde ntilde ñstest
small o, grave accent ograve òstest
small o, acute accent oacute óstest
small o, circumflex accent ocirc ôstest
small o, tilde otilde õstest
small o, dieresis or umlaut mark ouml östest
divide sign divide ÷stest
small o, slash oslash østest
small u, grave accent ugrave ùstest
small u, acute accent uacute ústest
small u, circumflex accent ucirc ûstest
small u, dieresis or umlaut mark uuml üstest
small y, acute accent yacute ýstest
small thorn, icelandic thorn þstest
small y with dieresis or umlaut mark yuml ÿstest


  Following are newer codes, not supported by many browsers except Mozilla
latin small f with hook u+0192 isotech florin &florin;stest
greek capital letter alpha, u+0391 alpha αstest
greek capital letter beta, u+0392 beta βstest
greek capital letter gamma, u+0393 isogrk3 gamma γstest
greek capital letter delta, u+0394 isogrk3 delta δstest
greek capital letter epsilon, u+0395 epsilon εstest
greek capital letter zeta, u+0396 zeta ζstest
greek capital letter eta, u+0397 eta ηstest
greek capital letter theta, u+0398 isogrk3 theta θstest
greek capital letter iota, u+0399 iota ιstest
greek capital letter kappa, u+039a kappa κstest
greek capital letter lambda, u+039b isogrk3 lambda λstest
greek capital letter mu, u+039c mu μstest
greek capital letter nu, u+039d nu νstest
greek capital letter xi, u+039e isogrk3 xi ξstest
greek capital letter omicron, u+039f omicron οstest
greek capital letter pi, u+03a0 isogrk3 pi πstest
greek capital letter rho, u+03a1 rho ρstest
greek capital letter sigma, u+03a3 isogrk3 sigma σstest
greek capital letter tau, u+03a4 tau τstest
greek capital letter upsilon, u+03a5 isogrk3 upsilon υstest
greek capital letter phi, u+03a6 isogrk3 phi φstest
greek capital letter chi, u+03a7 chi χstest
greek capital letter psi, u+03a8 isogrk3 psi ψstest
greek capital letter omega, u+03a9 isogrk3 omega ωstest
greek small letter alpha, u+03b1 isogrk3 alpha αstest
greek small letter beta, u+03b2 isogrk3 beta βstest
greek small letter gamma, u+03b3 isogrk3 gamma γstest
greek small letter delta, u+03b4 isogrk3 delta δstest
greek small letter epsilon, u+03b5 isogrk3 epsilon εstest
greek small letter zeta, u+03b6 isogrk3 zeta ζstest
greek small letter eta, u+03b7 isogrk3 eta ηstest
greek small letter theta, u+03b8 isogrk3 theta θstest
greek small letter iota, u+03b9 isogrk3 iota ιstest
greek small letter kappa, u+03ba isogrk3 kappa κstest
greek small letter lambda, u+03bb isogrk3 lambda λstest
greek small letter mu, u+03bc isogrk3 mu μstest
greek small letter nu, u+03bd isogrk3 nu νstest
greek small letter xi, u+03be isogrk3 xi ξstest
greek small letter omicron, u+03bf new omicron οstest
greek small letter pi, u+03c0 isogrk3 pi πstest
greek small letter rho, u+03c1 isogrk3 rho ρstest
greek small letter final sigma, u+03c2 isogrk3 sigmaf ςstest
greek small letter sigma, u+03c3 isogrk3 sigma σstest
greek small letter tau, u+03c4 isogrk3 tau τstest
greek small letter upsilon, u+03c5 isogrk3 upsilon υstest
greek small letter phi, u+03c6 isogrk3 phi φstest
greek small letter chi, u+03c7 isogrk3 chi χstest
greek small letter psi, u+03c8 isogrk3 psi ψstest
greek small letter omega, u+03c9 isogrk3 omega ωstest
greek small letter theta symbol, u+03d1 new thetasym ϑstest
greek upsilon with hook symbol, u+03d2 new upsih ϒstest
greek pi symbol, u+03d6 isogrk3 piv ϖstest
  General punctuation
bullet,="black" small circle, u+2022 isopub bull •stest
horizontal ellipsis,="three" dot leader, u+2026 isopub hellip …stest
prime,="minutes," ="feet," u+2032 isotech prime ′stest
double prime,="seconds," ="inches," u+2033 isotech prime ′stest
overline,="spacing" overscore, u+203e new oline ‾stest
fraction slash, u+2044 new frasl ⁄stest
  "Letterlike symbols"
script capital p,="power" set,="Weierstrass" p, u+2118 isoamso weierp ℘stest
blackletter capital i,="imaginary" part, u+2111 isoamso image ℑstest
blackletter capital r,="real" part symbol, u+211c isoamso real ℜstest
trade mark sign, u+2122 isonum trade ™stest
alef symbol (not the Hebrew letter),="first" transfinite cardinal, u+2135 new alefsym ℵstest
leftwards arrow, u+2190 isonum larr ←stest
rightwards arrow, u+2192 isonum rarr →stest
downwards arrow, u+2193 isonum darr ↓stest
left right arrow, u+2194 isoamsa harr ↔stest
downwards arrow with corner leftwards,="carriage" return, u+21b5 new crarr ↵stest
leftwards double arrow, u+21d0 isotech larr ←stest
upwards double arrow, u+21d1 isoamsa uarr ↑stest
rightwards double arrow, u+21d2 isotech rarr →stest
downwards double arrow, u+21d3 isoamsa darr ↓stest
left right double arrow, u+21d4 isoamsa harr ↔stest
  Mathematical Operators
for all, u+2200 isotech forall ∀stest
partial differential, u+2202 isotech part ∂stest
there exists, u+2203 isotech exist ∃stest
empty set,="null" set,="diameter," u+2205 isoamso empty ∅stest
nabla,="backward" difference, u+2207 isotech nabla ∇stest
element of, u+2208 isotech isin ∈stest
not an element of, u+2209 isotech notin ∉stest
contains as member, u+220b isotech ni ∋stest
n-ary product,="product" sign, u+220f isoamsb prod ∏stest
n-ary sumation, u+2211 isoamsb sum ∑stest
minus sign, u+2212 isotech minus −stest
asterisk operator, u+2217 isotech lowast ∗stest
square root,="radical" sign, u+221a isotech radic √stest
proportional to, u+221d isotech prop ∝stest
infinity, u+221e isotech infin ∞stest
angle, u+2220 isoamso ang ∠stest
logical and,="wedge," u+2227 isotech and ∧stest
logical or,="vee," u+2228 isotech or ∨stest
intersection,="cap," u+2229 isotech cap ∩stest
union,="cup," u+222a isotech cup ∪stest
integral, u+222b isotech int ∫stest
therefore, u+2234 isotech there4 ∴stest
tilde operator,="varies" with,="similar" to, u+223c isotech sim ∼stest
approximately equal to, u+2245 isotech cong ≅stest
almost equal to,="asymptotic" to, u+2248 isoamsr asymp ≈stest
not equal to, u+2260 isotech ne ≠stest
identical to, u+2261 isotech equiv ≡stest
less-than or equal to, u+2264 isotech le ≤stest
greater-than or equal to, u+2265 isotech ge ≥stest
subset of, u+2282 isotech sub ⊂stest
superset of, u+2283 isotech sup ⊃stest
not a subset of, u+2284 isoamsn nsub ⊄stest
subset of or equal to, u+2286 isotech sube ⊆stest
superset of or equal to, u+2287 isotech supe ⊇stest
circled plus,="direct" sum, u+2295 isoamsb oplus ⊕stest
circled times,="vector" product, u+2297 isoamsb otimes ⊗stest
up tack,="orthogonal" to,="perpendicular," u+22a5 isotech perp ⊥stest
dot operator, u+22c5 isoamsb sdot ⋅stest
left ceiling,="apl" upstile, u+2308, isoamsc lceil ⌈stest
right ceiling, u+2309, isoamsc rceil ⌉stest
left floor,="apl" downstile, u+230a, isoamsc lfloor ⌊stest
right floor, u+230b, isoamsc rfloor ⌋stest
left-pointing angle bracket,="bra," u+2329 isotech lang ⟨stest
right-pointing angle bracket,="ket," u+232a isotech rang ⟩stest
  Geometric shapes and Miscellaneous symbols
lozenge, u+25ca isopub loz ◊stest
black spade suit, u+2660 isopub spades ♠stest
black club suit,="shamrock," u+2663 isopub clubs ♣stest
black heart suit,="valentine," u+2665 isopub hearts ♥stest
black diamond suit, u+2666 isopub diams ♦stest
latin capital ligature oe, u+0152 isolat2 oelig œstest
latin small ligature oe, u+0153 isolat2 oelig œstest
latin capital letter s with caron, u+0160 isolat2 scaron šstest
latin small letter s with caron, u+0161 isolat2 scaron šstest
latin capital letter y with diaeresis, u+0178 isolat2 yuml ÿstest
modifier letter circumflex accent, u+02c6 isopub circ ˆstest
small tilde, u+02dc isodia tilde ˜stest
en space, u+2002 isopub ensp  stest
em space, u+2003 isopub emsp  stest
thin space, u+2009 isopub thinsp  stest
zero width non-joiner, u+200c new rfc 2070 zwnj ‌stest
zero width joiner, u+200d new rfc 2070 zwj ‍stest
left-to-right mark, u+200e new rfc 2070 lrm ‎stest
right-to-left mark, u+200f new rfc 2070 rlm ‏stest
en dash, u+2013 isopub ndash –stest
em dash, u+2014 isopub mdash —stest
left single quotation mark, u+2018 isonum lsquo ‘stest
right single quotation mark, u+2019 isonum rsquo ’stest
single low-9 quotation mark, u+201a new sbquo ‚stest
left double quotation mark, u+201c isonum ldquo “stest
right double quotation mark, u+201d isonum rdquo ”stest
double low-9 quotation mark, u+201e new bdquo „stest
dagger, u+2020 isopub dagger †stest
double dagger, u+2021 isopub dagger †stest
per mille sign, u+2030 isotech permil ‰stest