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Apple e.g.

Price: free
Platforms: Macintosh 68K and PowerPC

Apple e.g. was a demonstration of AIAT (Apple Information Access Technology, also known as Sherlock and VTwin) which provides content awareness, including fast and efficient text indexing and search, to applications. No longer supported even via mailing list.

System Requirements

Macintosh 68K or PowerPC
Mac OS Web Server with CGI Support


File Selection

Local file indexer, and does not crawl URLs. The default selection is the entire web server folder, but in most cases, you'll want to choose the folders to include and omit. You can also specify a list of file suffixes to either to index or not index (but not both). The default excludes the suffixes ps, gif, jpeg, hqx and xbm, which are not text files, and should not be indexed.

Updates and Scheduling

Other Index Features and Issues

Search Engine

The vector-mapping retrieval engine takes the query and compares it to the documents indexed. The "best match" is a complex algorithm based on the number of words matched between the query and the document. This works best for multi-word searches, including natural-language queries.

Search Form

The default search form has a text field for the query, a popup for number of results per page, and an option for whether the results should be in text format or table format.

The default search uses the vector mapping described above, but you can also use special codes for Boolean operators: And (&), Or (|) and Not (!).

Results Listings

Data Displayed

Results Options

You can't reorganize the individual elements in each result item.


Apple e.g. is free, innovative, and interesting but the vector searching is unusual and sometimes disconcerting.