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EWS (Excite for Web Servers) - obsolete

Warning: this product is no longer being maintained or updated

EWS version 1.1 had a serious security bug found as of January 14 1998. If you're using it, switch to something else right away!

Price: Free download, $995 annual maintenance agreement for support
Platforms: Unix: Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, BSDI, Linux (released Sept. 1998)


Useful Information

From Doug Hedenkamp,

Please tell all your Linux using readers that Excite's perl is wrong. To fix it, you must unpack the installation archive, delete the perl that it is packed with, replace it with your own perl, fix the file size for perl in the packing list, and re-pack the archive. Also, in the install-Excite script, you must change the Linux perl name from perl to ./perl .If someone had told me all this, it would have saved me many hours, and I'm sure your readers will appreciate it if any of them use linux. Other than that, the Excite search engine is pretty good, although indexing with the cgi script is tricky, using is much more reliable.

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