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Search Tools Product Report

Harvest web crawler

Harvest (in C) developed by Kang-Jin Lee; last release was in 2002, last update in late 2004.

Harvest-NG (Perl) at Sourceforge; the project page says the last update was in 2000.

See also: Distributed Indexing with SOIF and RDM.

The Harvest suites of web crawling and robot spidering tools were some of the first developed in the field, and were widely used in the 1990s for locating and collecting information using multiple standard protocols.

Warning: this product has no indication of continuing development.

Price: Free
Platform: Windows NT 4, Unix

Funding for the original Harvest project ended August 1996, and the project is officially over. It was the basis for Netscape's Catalog Search server and may also be the basis for Compass Search. Parts of Harvest remain in WebGlimpse, and other parts are being commercialized as NetCache.


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