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now part of Apache Jakarta

Platform: Java (designed for cross-platform use), ported to every unix flavor and many other languages

Price: free, open source, Apache Software License


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Lucene 2.9 features - Sept. 24, 2009

Backward and Forward Compatibility

There are significant changes in version 2.9 - described in the changes.txt file or the web site (change log). A very few items are not backward compatible and several classes are deprecated. All applications should re-compile against the new Lucene 2.9 JAR 2.and test carefully.

Version 3.0 will no longer support Java 1.4 and deprecated classes. As soon as Lucene 2.9 is released,

Carrot2 3.1.0 will come out with bug fixes Solr 1.4 will use Lucene 2.9 JAR, coming soon, few weeks they hope

Note: this content extracted painfully by Avi from the Lucene site/wiki/JIRA/mailing list archive, and clarified by Grant Ingersoll's webcast sponsored by Lucid Imagination. I will be happy to fix mistakes and clarify confusion, just comment or send a message and I'll fix it.

Last Update: 2009-09-24

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