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Smartlogik Discover (APR)

see also: Xapian

Product Information

Platforms: Windows NT, 2000; Unix: Sun Solaris, others on request
Pricing: Typical projects range from about £150,000 to £450,000 for deployment and the license fee.


The Muscat search engine comes from research performed by Dr. Martin Porter of Cambridge University (UK), and was commercialized in 1984 by Cambridge CD Publishing. It was subsequently sold to MAID which became The Dialog Corporation and in 2000 changed its name to Bright Station plc: it seems to have been spun off in 2001 to Smartlogik. In April 2002, the assets of Smartlogik were bought by Applied Psychology Research Ltd. APR offers support for existing users of Muscat/Smartlogik software and continues to develop products based on the technology.

June 2002: Muscat users can contact Lemur Consulting for support such as a spidering/indexing system.



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