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PLWeb Turbo (PLS / AOL)

Product InformationWarning: this product has no indication of continuing development.
  CPL (Callable Personal Library toolbox)
  User Mailing List Access

Price: free
Platforms: Windows NT 4, Unix: source code for Solaris 2.4, IRIX 5.3, HP-UX only), bug fixes are posted occasionally


August, 2001, response by the America Online Search Technical Manager to questions on the mailing list is that PLS and its CPL are still going:

"we here at AOL are continuing to work on and improve CPL. Not sure when we will put new versions out on the PLS web site. ... No, we don't have plans to ever make the source code available. CPL is the search engine used for all AOL Time Warner and it's properties. It's behind AOL Search, CompuServe Search, ICQ Search, Netscape search, etc."

May, 1999, AOL released partial source code for the product on Unix platforms. A letter to customers explains the "shareware" (no fee) model that they are now supporting.

April 1999, PLWeb Turbo was released on Windows NT.

PLWeb and all PLS products were released as freeware from AOL, but no custom development, training or support is provided. The license allows royalty-free use, though you must include a "Powered by PLS" notice with a link to AOL.


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